Snakes of Wisconsin
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Author(s): Scott R. Craven, George J. Knudsen


“Often hisses loudly when disturbed,” says this 12-page guide, describing the very large but harmless bull snake, one of 22 species of native Wisconsin snakes. All 22 are presented here, including the state’s two poisonous species, the timber rattlesnake and the swamp rattler (both of which are becoming rare). The authors discuss the biology and living habits of snakes, keeping snakes as pets, and ways of easily distinguishing poisonous from nonpoisonous Wisconsin snakes. They debunk the false though colorful tales that have grown up around snakes, and they urge people not to kill snakes out of fear. Snakes, say the authors, do not hypnotize their prey, do not sting with their tongues, and do not chase people by rolling after them like Hula-Hoops. Nor do milk snakes milk cows.

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