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As dairy farms expand, adding cows to the operation often requires hiring employees with the skills to manage all of the tasks associated with large dairy operations. Since English is not the primary language for many Spanish-speaking dairy workers, the UW-Extension Dairy Team's "Dairy Workers' Training Modules" Development Team created six modules to help train and improve the skills of dairy workers: Milking Skills, Reproductive Skills, Calf Management Skills, Herdsmanship Skills, Feeding and Nutrition, and Handling Skills.
This award-winning module series was designed to be tailored to fit the specific training needs of dairy producers. Each module in the series can be easily replicated by educators and producers regardless of the subject matter expertise or language barrier. Each module contains comprehensive materials In English and Spanish to conduct a successful training. 
• Train dairy workers to perform their assigned tasks in a more skillful, effective, efficient and safe manner.
• Improve the bottom line of dairy producers while increasing the skill level of dairy workers.
• Increase profitability and competitiveness by improved worker performance.


CDs and DVDs Available for Dairy Workers' Training Modules 1-6

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 Module I  - Milking Skills A3979-CD $30.00
 Module II - Reproductive Skills (discontinued)    
 Module III - Calf Mangement Skills  A3981-CD   $30.00  
 Module IV - Herdsmanship Skills  A3982-CD/DVD   $30.00
 Module IV- Fresh Cow Exam  A3839-DVD   $25.00
 Module V- Dairy Feeder Skills 2011  A3983-USB   $25.00
 Module VI - Handling Skills/Skid Steer Safety  A3984-CD/DVD  $30.00
 Dairy Workers' Training Calf Management Cards  A4031  $28.50


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