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Author(s) Jerry Doll, Peggy Compton, Rhonda Gildersleeve

The most important element in preventing weeds is promoting healthy grasses through proper fertility, along with taking preventive measures to keep weeds from gaining a foothold. This booklet can be one part of your weed prevention measures, allowing you to identify and target weeds before they become a widespread problem.

Covers annuals, biennials, and perennials, including thistle, burdock, wild parsnip, wild carrot, knapweed, nettle, nightshade, goldenrod, foxtail, ragweed, pigweed, jimsonweed, and more (60 pages). 

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For alternative publications, see Management of Invasive Plants in Wisconsin (A3924-set), Pest Management in Wisconsin Field Crops—2018 (A3646), and Toxic Plants in Midwest Pastures and Forages (A4019).

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