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Author(s) Carrie A.M. Laboski, John B. Peters

Growers recognize the importance of a good soil testing program, which, despite some limitations, is still the best tool available for predicting lime, fertilizer, and other nutrient needs. This edition features updates designed to simplify and customize the nutrient recommendation process:


  • a reassessment of soil yield potential and a transparent description of how they are defined based on soil properties;
  • a refinement of our P and K recommendation philosophy;
  • updated N rate guidelines for corn;
  • wheat N rate guidelines using a MRTN approach; and
  • updated manure nutrient availabilities.


Nutrient Application Guidelines for Field, Vegetable, and Fruit Crops in Wisconsin (A2809) is a detailed publication that describes how to interpret soil test results, provides nutrient application guidelines, and outlines the assumptions underlying the guidelines (92 pages; 2012).


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