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Author(s) John B. Peters, Carrie A.M. Laboski,

One acre of soil to a depth of 6 inches weighs about 1,000 tons, yet less than an ounce of it is used in laboratory tests. Therefore, it's critical that the samples you submit are representative of the entire field. This publication outlines goals, sampling strategies, and procedures to help ensure meaningful test results (4 pages; 2013).

Looking to test your lawn or garden soil — something other than the back forty? Check out Sampling Garden Soils and Turf Areas for Testing (A2166).


Want to learn more?


Nutrient Application Guidelines for Field, Vegetable, and Fruit Crops in Wisconsin (A2809), also newly revised, helps you figure out what to do when you get the results of your soil samples back.


If you need help filling out the soil information sheet when you are submitting your samples or interpreting your soil tests results once you receive them, Soil Testing Basics is an invaluable tool. 


Visit the University of Wisconsin Integrated Pest and Crop Management website for the latest in pest and nutrient management news, information, and research — including the Wisconsin Crop Manager newsletter.


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