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Author(s) Suzanne Wade

Meet 58 curious (and mostly very small) creatures that inhabit Wisconsin’s fresh waters. Read, for instance, about the hydra, a creature who has “ears” that serve also as a nose and fingers, who breathes through its skin, whose mouth ingests and then disgorges the remains of digestion, who eats water fleas and one-celled animals, and who, when not drifting with the current or moving on its one foot, does somersaults. Read about the pill clam, the limpet, Johnny darter, and many more denizens of Wisconsin’s ponds, lakes, and rivers (26 pages).

Free to Wisconsin residents and Wisconsin non-profit organizations.
Wisconsin customers will be billed separately for shipping and handling. Contact customer service to obtain the coupon code for your free copy or contact your county UW-Extension office.


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